My first contact with the Tildeverse was in 2019. I was looking for some ASCII art and stumbled on tilde.town. It was beautiful, but I couldn’t understand what’s going on.

Well now I do :)

I thought about using Tildeverse as a personal website that I can share links to with other people so the community should have a professional ring to it. Tilde Institute sounds professional enough…

So here I am, carving my own personal corner in the Tildeverse. Welcome to ~marcor

My plans

Github Gist substitute

I write a lot of Markdown files and share them around so I’m thinking of using this website as a Github Gist substitute. In fact, this page was created using Markdown with some Pandoc and Make magic as a proof-of-concept.

I just need to find (or create) a way to automate the whole process of writing markdowns, generating HTML, linking the pages and uploading them to Tilde then I’m all good.

Advanced Gist

While Markdown does a great job at formatting text beautifully, sometimes you just need to add interactive contents to the otherwise boring block of texts. Let’s say I want a page full of clickable, floating, animated, interactive cats. What format can I use? HTML.

I think HTML is just a perfect format for modern documents. It can be a simple text document like this.

"This" can do so much, by the way. Since it's written in Markdown, I can have
everything Markdown offers.

Or it can include interactive contents which is perfect to embed project demos right in the blog post.